Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goodbye Binkey

Ronan has been a binkey boy since he was a few months old. It has truly been my saving grace. When he wants to scream and yell or flip out I stick it in his mouth. He has started to talk more and at times with his binkey in his mouth. I finally decided it was time for him to give it up. He is now 17 months and I think is ready. On Thursday he fell asleep without it and was clinging onto his blankey for dear life. I knew this was the time. I took it away and threw it in the garbage. I kept a few in a basket just in case, but knew that once I took it away, that was it. He has been very frustrated and there have been lots of fits thrown. I don't think he knows what he is frustrated about, but he knows that something is missing. We have snuggled a lot this week and I've tried to keep him busy and to keep his mind off of his frustration. I sure love my little boy and hate to see him confused and angry, but I know it'll be for the best. Goodbye binkey, hello blankey!! Now Zoe and Ronan both have their own blankets to snuggle at night. 


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