Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recent Projects

I have been quite busy trying new things the past 6 months. These are a few of the projects that have taken up my time. They keep me sane and my creative juices flowing!
Fabric tutu: This was so easy and kids love wearing them.

I have been needing something to hold all my jewelry, my jewelry box just wasn't doing it anymore. I love this! Nothing gets tangled anymore.

Mirror frame w/out mirror $15.00 at Graples in their clearance warehouse & Blessings sign was $15.00 (not on sale) but a great deal. I bought them separately and put them together. I get a lot of compliments on this. It fits perfectly in this corner.

My first every pillow cover. This is one of my favorite fabrics so I figured why not do something with it. It was a super easy sewing project! I think it turned out pretty good for my first time.

Some baby shower gifts. I had all the fabric & the elastic was about $1.50 for a huge roll. Great inexpensive gift & these go with the fabric tutu I made.

I had a vision in my head of how to separate my dining room & living room. It works!! It cost about $45 for the tin container, foam to hold the sticks in & 3 rolls of sticks. (All from Graples) I love that store!!

The living room...

I made this last Fall. It was pretty simple & I can use it for all seasons.

First ever curtain project. I loved this fabric. This is in Ronan's room.

I distressed his changing table I bought on Craigslist for $50.

We can't paint, so I put up a border to add a pop of color.

A fun piece of artwork for Zoe's room. I believe these are originally fabric/sewing circles. I repurpose most things that I buy!
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our little bully

Zoe has turned into quite the little bully lately. I know that most kids that are reaching 2 yrs old go through this. Ronan will stand up on something and Zoe will grab his hands & push him off. She likes to pour water on him in the bath, as you can see. He doesn't mind it so much & laughs most the time, but it drives me crazy.

No you cannot play with my toy! haha. What a little stinker...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

more pics

Dancing in the kitchen (one of the girls favorite pasttimes)

Grandma Higley & Ronan

Craig & Ronan (they were such good buddies)

Ronan wrestling once again

Our family at the skating rink in Moses Lake

She wanted on the ice so bad!

Playing at the batting cages on Christmas Eve

Grandma Higley's Christmas party (this is the book from the family that I scrapbooked for her)

Ronan & Ty's cousin Janette

Right before we all got pedicures! So nice to get away for a few. (Me, Mandy, Joette & Stephanie)

Mandy's son Jaron & Ronan

Zoe & Mandy's girls Brielle & Mikenna

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Christmastime 2011

Kid's didn't like Santa this year!

Ronan wrestling with Grandpa Herrud

Grandma Winder & Zoe

Ronan & Capriel (Winder cousin)

Zoe & Sissy (she played with her the entire time she was at our in-laws house) I always knew where she was!

Landon, Brecklyn (Winder cousins) & Ronan

Ty & his brother Craig fixing their parents treadmil

The cousins enjoying a movie on the IPad!

Zoe, Brecklyn, Capriel, Landon, Rhyse & Talia (All of Craig & Sabina's kids)

I let Breck & Tali dye my hair, I think they had fun!!

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