Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why I chose to do it again

I have been reading a book called 'What If I Have A C-Section?' I am not a big reader, but I got this free in the mail from my health insurance company and I can't seem to put it down. Probably because I will be going through this again. It focuses on the preparation prior to surgery, how to decide & how to recover quickly. I am mostly focusing on the part that talks about recovery. I wasn't as concerned about this with Zoe because she was all I was going to have to take care of and it was an emergency; I didn't know I'd be having a C-Section. Now, I have time to plan and prepare.

My doctor has actually told me that I could try to have a V-bac. To be honest, I think that trying that would stress me out more than going through a major abdominal surgery again. I know that it's going to hurt & it'll take a bit longer to recover, but I am more stressed out of the unknown. With Zoe I was in labor for 36 hours and they ended up having to take her Cesarean anyways; I did have preeclampsia & was only 37 weeks, but it was so hard to recover from labor and a surgery. Knowing that I'll only have to go through one is actually a relief.

I have had some friends & family a bit confused about my decision, but I have always done things my own way & haven't been easily swayed by others opinions. I think that each woman should be able to choose the way the want to have their baby, even if it's their first. If you don't want to have to go through labor & all that pushing you aren't a wimp!! You may just want to experience having your baby a different way. A quick procedure and the baby is here. That is a bit more up my alley!

It is a blessing that I am even able to have children. I have PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome) & Endometriosis; having one of these makes it difficult to conceive, but both it is not very likely. It took us so long to conceive Zoe. We got pregnant the second time while Zoe was 3 months old. It is amazing the way the Lord works! I don't know how many babies we will be blessed with; I would have truly been happy with just the one. Ty and I have been so blessed & love that we have an opportunity to raise these children.


Anonymous said...

I am SO there with you! Clara wasn't coming, and on week 41 and a half she was induced. I loved it. It was like going to a doctor's appointment, I was all ready for it, fresh and happy. It was perfect. And my midwife gave me the epidural before starting the induction, because she knew I have very low tolerance to pain. It worked perfectly for me.

Same goes for breasfeeding. It didn't happen for Clara and I and for the longest time I felt guilty about it. Truth is: I tried, it hurt, I got stressed about it and we were both unhappy. She was hungry and I was sore. Finally my lactation specialist told me to bottle feed her and she was going to turn out alright. She was right, and not only that, but we were both happy.

I would do both things again. There is no point in choosing things because they are "the right thing" when in all honestly they make us unhappy. In motherhood, there's no one way to do things right--what works best for you and your baby, that's the way to go. :)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

my second C section was SOOOOO SOOOO much easier and better then my first. I have heard that from a few people. so i hope the recovery is good for you. I too was in labor for 30 hours with cambree and then emergency C section...it really was awful. and i was put to sleep with hers. so i was sorta anxious about the second one because i really had NO CLUE how it would go...but it was SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! i was walking like 2 hours after surgery. Good Luck it will be great! and i'm not sure why C sections get such a bad rap...Cambree and i would both be dead if it weren't for a C Section.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

also i sorta love how you know exactly when you are going t have the baby and you can plan accordingly! LOVE IT!

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