Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun in the Fall

Zoe & I were able to go to the Country Mercantile (just on the outskirts of Tri-Cities) on Saturday. We had a blast. They had a carnival with rides, a pumpkin patch & hay rides!

I made her hairbow & a tutu for the occasion. It's definitely fun making new things & saving some money.

Zoe also got her first tooth. I found it on Saturday. What an exciting day we had...

Afterwards we met Ty at the TRAC at the Women's Expo where he had a booth set up for ADT. It was definitely a successful weekend!

My grandma hasn't been doing very well these past few months. Right before our trip to the Coast this summer she was in the hospital for a few weeks & we didn't know how long she was going to have. She is so stubborn & such a fighter that she has made it until now. She is 85 years old. It still seems to be touch and go with her but we are glad to have her here for as long as we can have her. I know she wants to be with grandpa. He passed away in '93; I can't imagine being separated from your spouse for that long. I love her with all my heart & pray for her everyday.


owona said...

You and Zoe are gorgeous! I love the pics!! What a cute tutu and headband,'re so creative...what a good Momma you are, Janessa! Glad you guys had a good time at the Country Mercantile - isn't that place so fun? We'll be thinking of you and your Grandma, too. It's a tough thing to have grandparents in that situation - we have a similar situation with our Grandpa. Hope all is well with her. By the way, how's everything with baby #2 going? We miss you guys BIG time! Love ya!

Mandy Rasmussen said...

Hey girlie! You should have told me you were here in the Tri-Cities - We could have done something! Love the pic's!

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