Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby #1

We found out we are expecting our first child due April 4, 2010. This has definitely been a long time coming. We are so excited! We will be naming her Zoe Claire (middle name is after my grandpa Clarence who passed away). She is very active already and loves to bounce on mommy's bladder. It must feel like a trampoline or something. Ty can't wait to be a dad, he about flipped when I told him the news. We are so blessed to be bringing her to our family! I think her profile already looks like mamma's! Alyson Keeley took my maternity pics. She did an amazing job & we had so much fun. Thanks Al! If you are interested in having some awesome pictures taken and having fun doing it, check out her work on her blog.


owona said...

So cute and so exciting! I agree, I think Zoe's profile totally looks like Janessa...she's going to be such a cutie pie! Love the belly pic, too...Janessa, you look amazing! We can't wait to meet Zoe and we couldn't be happier for you guys!! We also love that you're blogging now and can't wait to see all of your posts and updates. Love you guys!

royce and aubree said...

congrats that is so exciting!! love the name and i thought the exact same thing about her profile looking like yours even before i read your post! hope everything is going good!!

Angela & Camron said...

Hey! I found your blog after a little searching and am so glad I did. Keep the updates coming! It's so fun to watch and hear about the miracle of pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Janessa! I love your maternity pictures, they're adorable! I was really glad to see you on Saturday--I'm sorry I couldn't stay any longer. I hope you had a blast, though!

You look radiant as a mommy! Congratulations! :)

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